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11 Jul

Tom Antos was reviewing our Five Second Head

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Here are his impressions:

Today I wanted to share with you my thoughts on using this cool new wireless pan and tilt head for your DSLR and bigger video cameras.

It is produced by Senna. It's a company located in Europe. I have not heard much about them before so I wasn't expecting much when I got my hands on this neat little device. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. It's a small and light pan & tilt head that fits into a briefcase size case. One person can easily take it with them along with a camera and tripod. That came in handy when I was traveling alone across the USA last month. I had to hike many times into some remote places. I was still able to take all the gear with me and get some neat shots. Check out the video below to see my results.

Things I like:

  • small and light
  • comes with a hard travel case
  • has built in rechargeable batteries
  • comes with a small 12volt battery pack
  • works with most standard 12volt batteries plus AA batteries
  • easy to program and to use
  • can do live action, timelapse and even motion control
  • smooth camera moves are easy to achieve

Things I don't like:

  • motors are too noisy for audio work close to the pan & tilt head
  • sometimes it's hard to see the buttons light up in daylight

Next I will be reviewing a wireless focus and zoom/aperture system from the same company that works great together with the wireless pan and tilt head. Check back soon to find out more info on that.
To watch the full review, follow the link.


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