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23 Oct

New review of Five Second Head by GeekBeat.tv

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Geek Beat, one of the world's most recognizable tech news brands, has presented our Five Second Head in this week's show.

Here are their impressions:

Remote camera heads let you do some really cool moves, but they can be very complex and tricky to set up. The Five Second Head from Senna aims to make the process as simple and fast as possible. Once you have it set up, the controller gives you six presets and a manual controller. Mount it on a slider and you're ready to create some very sophisticated camera movements.

To watch the full review, follow the link.


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Senad Galijašević reveals that whole line of new products will be introduced soon.

For many years I had been working as a video producer before I have started the business of producing video equipment. That is why I understand the needs of videographers so well”, he says.

Video: Five Second Head

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