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06 Sep

Brand new products at this year's IBC show

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SENNA introduces new products at this year's IBC, Amsterdam, booth 11.E57



The first ever, wireless total recall light system!

Light station is a system of 4 LED panels and the wireless control plate which enables you to set and store different light presets and scenes. There are 3 different presets available for each of 4 different light channels (One or more LED panels can be set on one channel).The settings include dimmer and temperature regulation. There are also master settings for storing six different light scenes, meaning that you can set and store six different combinations of light presets of LED panels. Fade speed control between light scenes is adjustable. Strobe and running lights, with adjustable speed, are available, too. Each LED light panel has 528 LEDs, 2000 LUX


Gravity slider by Senna

Moves perfectly smooth, runs on gravity!

This lightweight and perfectly smooth camera slider gives plenty of unique advantages for run-and-gun shooters. By adjusting the height of slider legs separately and leveling the camera on the camera head, you can gear the gravity to drive your camera perfectly smooth. As simple as that!
Gravity slider weighs only 5 kg, measures 1 m in length, and carries the cameras up to 5 kg.

Another novelty on this slider are LED lights built in the slider with dimmer and temperature control!


Come and test them at the booth 11.E57



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Senad Galijašević reveals that whole line of new products will be introduced soon.

For many years I had been working as a video producer before I have started the business of producing video equipment. That is why I understand the needs of videographers so well”, he says.

Video: Five Second Head

Video: 24Frames Films

Video: MAYAD

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