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Limited Warranty on SENNA Products

We, SENNA Ltd., warrant to the original purchaser of any SENNA Products, that such products will be free from defects in materials, workmanship and electronics for one (1) year.

What is Not Covered by Limited Warranty?

Our limited warranty does not cover problems with a warranted product caused by normal wear and tear. It also does not cover problems with a warranted product resulting from external causes such as accident, abuse, misuse, mishandling, collision, alteration, negligence, fire, theft, vandalism, riot, explosion, natural disaster, or other acts of God. Moreover, it does not cover any problems resulting from a usage of a warranted product that is not in accordance with product instructions or resulting from a failure to follow product instructions or a failure to perform preventative maintenance to or parts as suggested by the manufacturer in its maintenance schedule. Finally, it does not cover warranted products for which we have not yet received full payment.

Our limited warranty does not apply to the quality of the installation of a warranted product on your site. It also does not apply to any problems with a warranted product caused by or relating to the actions or omissions of any contractor who performs work on your equipment, including, for example, an installer of a warranted product. For example, this limited warranty would not cover problems with a warranted product resulting from such an installer's installation methods.
Finally, warranty does not include software upgrades.

How Long Does Our Limited Warranty Last?

Our limited warranty is good for up to one (1) year from your date of purchase. This limited warranty begins on the date of your proof of purchase (invoice). The warranty period is not extended if we repair or replace a warranted product. We may change the availability of our limited warranties at our discretion, but any such changes will not be retroactive.

What Do I Do if I Need Warranty Service?

To initiate warranty service, please send (1) the defective product, (2) a copy of your proof of purchase for the defective product, and (3) a description of the product defect, to us at the following address:

Negovečka 6
10 000 Zagreb

What Will You Do?

Upon our inspection of the defective product and our determination that your claim falls within the scope of this limited warranty, we will send you a replacement product free of charge (but not including any installation costs). We will make such determination and, if in the affirmative, send you a replacement product, within sixty (30) days following our date of receipt of the materials listed above.

If we are not able to replace your warranted product because it has been discontinued or is not available, we will either replace it with a comparable product or reimburse you for your purchase cost (as indicated on your proof of purchase), at our sole option.

We will bear the costs of shiping the replacement product to you.

If we determine that the problem is not covered under this limited warranty, we will notify you and inform you of service alternatives that are available to you on a fee basis.

Replacement products are covered for the remaining period of the limited warranty covering the warranted product that you bought. We own all warranted products returned to us that are exchanged for a replacement product.

May I Transfer This Limited Warranty?

You may not transfer this limited warranty. This warranty coverage terminates if you sell or otherwise transfer a warranted product to another party.

What Should I Do If I Have a Question, Complaint, or Dispute?

If you have a question regarding the terms of this limited warranty or a complaint regarding its application, please do not hesitate to contact us by email, mail or telephone per our contact information. In the event of a dispute concerning this limited warranty (including, for example, our determination of whether your product constitutes a defective product falling within the scope of this limited warranty), you may be entitled to certain rights and remedies under applicable law.



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